Symposium: Safety-critical Systems Symposium 2017 (SSS'17)


Safety-critical Systems Symposium 2017 (SSS'17)

The Safety-Critical Systems Club's Silver Jubilee Symposium.

Tuesday 7 - Thursday 9 February, 2017 - Bristol, UK

The Safety-Critical Systems Club's Silver Jubilee Symposium was held at the Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel from the 7th-9th February 2017.

Keynote speakers were: Ron Bell, Prof. Robin Bloomfield, Audrey Canning, Dewi Daniels, Prof. Les Hatton, Prof. Nancy Leveson and Prof. John McDermid.

There is an invited talk from Prof. Harold Thimbleby and also a special talk from Prof. Tom Anderson.

The after-dinner speech was by Air Marshal Julian Young.

Selected slides from the talks are now available:

01 - John McDermid

03 - Rob Ashmore

04 - Audrey Canning

05 - Michael Pont

06 - John Birch

07 - Paul Parkinson

7A - Tom Anderson

09 - Chris Hobbs

10 - Daniel Kaestner

11 - Nick Tudor

12 - Nancy Leveson

13 - Tim Kelly

14 - Kevin Driscoll

16 - Dewi Daniels

17 - Davy Pissort

18 - Steve Gregory

19 - Jose Correa de Sa

20 - Louise Harney

22 - Paul Hampton

23 - Ron Bell

24 - Les Hatton

Symposium Programme

  Day 1: Tuesday 7th February 2017  
0900 Registration and Coffee  
1000 Introductions and Welcome  

Keynote address
Playing Catch-Up: The Fate of Safety Engineering?
John A McDermid, University of York
View the presentation

New Challenges
Graham Jolliffe
1055 The "rise of the machine" and the need for a System-of-Systems safety methodology?
Andy German, Mike Brownsword and Ian Mitchell, Atkins
1130 Progress Towards the Assurance of Non-Traditional Software
Rob Ashmore, Elizabeth Lennon, Dstl
View the presentation
1205 Lunch
1305 Keynote address
Functional Safety: Where have we come from? Where are we going?
Audrey Canning, Virkonnen Ltd
View the presentation
1350 Going 'Back to the Future': Developing safety-critical embedded systems using modern Time-Triggered software architectures
Michael J. Pont, SafeTTy Systems Ltd
View the presentation
New Techniques
Louise Harney
1425 Product Integrity Assurance Argument Framework for Vehicle Autonomy
John Birch, Mark Cousen, David Ward, HORIBA MIRA Ltd
View the presentation
1500 Tea
1530 Experiences of avionics safety certification of an ARINC 653 RTOS on multi-core processor architecture
Paul Parkinson, Wind River
View the presentation
1605 Special talk, introduced by Tim Kelly
What can I say? Tom Anderson, Newcastle University
View the presentation
1650 "Birds of a Feather" Session
1725 - 1900 Symposium Reception
With drinks tasting, and tools and services exhibition


  Day 2: Wednesday 8th February 2017  
9000 Keynote address
Confidence in a connected world: safe, secure, resilient and autonomous
Robin E Bloomfield, Kate Netkachova, Peter Bishop, Adelard LLP and City, University of London
9045 Software Handling of Hardware Errors
Chris Hobbs, QNX Software Systems
View the presentation
Chair: Dave Banham
1020 Coffee and Exhibition

Closing the Gap - The Formally Verified Optimizing Compiler CompCert
Daniel Kastner, AbsInt GmbH et al
View the presentation

1135 Using Formal Proof to meet Executable Object Code and Coverage Objectives in DO-333
Nick Tudor, D-RisQ Ltd
View the presentation
1210 Lunch and Exhibition
1320 Keynote address
My 36 Years in System Safety Engineering: Looking Backward, Looking Forward
Nancy Leveson, MIT
View the presentation
1405 From Safety Cases to Security Cases
R D Alexander, R D Hawkins, T P Kelly, University of York
Safety and Security
Chair: Edith Holland
1440 Cyber Safety and Security for Reduced Crew Operations (RCO)
Kevin R. Driscoll, Honeywell
1515 Tea and Exhibition
1550 Waking up to The Insider as a Safety-Critical Threat
Ryan Meeks and Robert Dickie, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd
1625 - 1730 Practitioners' Question Time
with questions submitted by the audience
1930 for 2000 BANQUET
With after-dinner talk by Air Marshal Julian A Young
Chief of Materiel (Air) Defence Equipment and Support


  Day 3: Thursday 9th February 2017  
9000 Keynote address
From the IBM 29 Card Punch to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (and Beyond)
Dewi Daniels, Software Safety Limited and Aeronautique Associates Limited
9045 Analysis of Effects induced by EM disturbances on COTS Devices, from an EM Security and Functional Safety perspective
Jose Lopes Esteves, Chaouki Kasmi, FNISA-ANSSI Davy Pissoort, KU Leuven Keith Armstrong, Cherry Clough Consultants Ltd
 Tom Anderson
1020 Sneak Path Analysis: Realising the Potential
Steve Gregory, AWE
1055 Coffee
1120 HFACS: Helicopter Operations' Safety
Jose Correa de Sa, Freelance
1155 Integrating Data into the Safety Assessment Methodology for Defence
Louise Harney, Raytheon UK
Data Safety
 Eric Bridgstock
1230 Lunch
1330 Cybersecurity problems in a typical hospital (and probably in all of them)
Harold Thimbleby, Swansea University
1405 Data: Your Life in its Hands
Tom Adams, Paul Hampton, Mike Parsons, NATS Ltd
1440 Keynote address
Safety critical systems - A brief history of the development of guidelines and standards
Ron Bell, Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd
Final Words
Tim Kelly
1525 Keynote address
Balancing safety with rampant software feature - itis
Les Hatton, Kingston University and Oakwood Computing Associates Ltd
1610 Closing Remarks  
1615 Tea and Close of the Symposium  

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