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 Safety-Critical Systems Club 
 For Everyone Working in Systems Safety

The SCSC is the UK's professional network for sharing knowledge about system safety.  It brings together engineers and specialists from a range of disciplines and industries working in system safety, academics researching the arena of system safety, providers of the tools and services that are needed to develop the systems, and the regulators who oversee safety.

The SCSC provides seminars, workshops and tutorials throughout the year, with a three-day annual Safety-Critical Systems Symposium in February.

More about the SCSC

Latest news:

Symposium: Safety-Critical Systems Symposium (SSS'21)

The 29th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium was held from 9 - 11 February as an online event.  The event attracted 200 delegates to view 16 live presentation and 12 pre-recorded presentations. The recordings of all presentations and the papers from the published proceedings  are now available for Club members to view on the Catch up page.

SCSC survey of assessing and improving Safety Culture

We are seeking feedback on an organisation’s experience of assessing and improving Safety Culture. We have produced a short questionnaire: and would ask you to spare a few minutes to complete it.

The aim of the survey is to help organisations understand how to assess and improve Safety Culture. We will be analysing responses and will share findings anonymously through the website.

Thank you in advance for your time and help,

The SCSC Safety Culture Working Group

Questions to the WG chair at

The Safety Culture Working Group (SCWG) is a voluntary body formed by and part of the Safety Critical Systems Club (SCSC). We aim to collate and share experiences and lessons learnt across industries. Further information at

Code of Practice: Cyber Security and Safety
IET Code of Practice: Cyber Security and Safety

I'm pleased to announce that after 32 months of hard work and cross discipline/cross sector discussions, the IET has published the Code of Practice: Cyber Security and Safety. This work was supported by NCSC and is available for free download from the IET website.