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Seminar on Data Safety

Data can directly cause systems to behave anomalously (e.g. sensor data in the Boeing 737 MAX) or it can cause humans to take inappropriate actions leading to harm. On November 14th in London the SCSC is holding a seminar "Data Safety Evolution". This seminar is an opportunity to hear about the issues data can cause in safety systems and look at new developments in the area. It will be useful for safety engineers and safety managers, across any sector that uses data in a safety context. Full details at:

SCSC Survey

Please take a moment to complete this short survey on the Safety Critical Systems Club to help us move forward. The survey has been designed with all systems safety professionals in mind and you don't need to be a member of the club to complete it, in fact non-members are encouraged to give us their thoughts!

There is a prize draw for all those who complete the survey and leave contact details. Prizes include a free day at SSS'20, free attendance at a 1-day SCSC event of your choosing (e.g. seminar, tutorial) and free annual memberships.

SSS'20 - Call for Poster Abstracts Now Open

The call for poster abstracts for SSS'20 (11-13th Feb 2020 in York, UK) is open until 30th September 2019. There will be two poster sessions at SSS'20; for those who have not done one before posters are a great way to present and discuss new work in a more informal setting. 

Changes to SCSC Steering Group

Following Tim Kelly's move to his new role, the current Steering Group composition is:

Tom Anderson, University of Newcastle - Honorary Member

Robin Bloomfield, Adelard - Honorary Member

Stephen Bull, Ebeni

Dewi Daniels, Software Safety Ltd

Jane Fenn, BAE Systems - Deputy SG Chair

Paul Hampton, CGI - Newsletter Editor

Louise Harney, Leonardo

Stuart Harrison, ex-NHS

James Inge, MoD

Brian Jepson, ex-BAE Systems - Website Editor

Nikita Johnson, University of York

Graham Jolliffe, Consultant - Honorary Member

Tim Kelly, University of York - Honorary Member

Alex King, University of York - Club Manager

Mark Nicholson, University of York - University of York Coordinator

Mike Parsons, CGI - Club Director and Events Coordinator

Felix Redmill, SCSC - Honorary Member

Roger Rivett, ex-Jaguar Land Rover - SG Chair (acting)

Phil Williams, Consultant

Further information on the SCSC Steering Group is available here.

Tutorial on Safety Assurance of Autonomy and Machine Learning

This 1-day tutorial is on September 26th 2019 in London. It includes speakers from the AAIP at the University of York and from industry. It considers the assurance of systems that employ Autonomy and Machine Learning; critically important for future air, sea and road vehicles. Full details at:

Learning from Accident Investigations

This seminar on June 13th 2019 in London considered what can be learnt from formal accident investigations, including the process, people and the detailed accident reports that are produced in many sectors. Full information, including selected slides, at:

Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2020 - Call for Abstracts

The call for abstracts for SSS'20 (11th-13th Feb 2020 in York, UK) has now closed.

Seminar - Evolution of Assurance Case Practice

On April 4th in London, the SCSC held a 1-day seminar on the future of assurance and safety case practice. This looked at new thinking in the automotive and civil aviation sectors and new developments such as SACM and Dialectic arguments . It also examined what a safety argument for an autonomous system might look like. Selected slides are now available on the event page.


The 27th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium (SSS'19) was held in Bristol, UK at the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel from 5th to 7th February 2019. See the event listing in Past Events for slides and papers.

Seminar - COTS, Legacy and Reuse

This seminar was held on 6th December in London and featured seven talks from acknowledged experts in the reuse of existing components, be they COTS, SOUP or other legacy items, when an assurance claim for the overall system or service must be made.

Selected slides from the event are now available.

Tutorial - An Introduction to Human Factors

This tutorial was held in London on 27th September 2018 and provided an overview of the principles, concepts and issues relating to Human Factors in a safety context. It featured three speakers: Jocelyn Clark from NATS, Ben McCaulder from Greenstreet Berman Ltd and Nicole Saunders from Osprey CSL. Rebecca Canham from Greenstreet Berman Ltd was there to support and run the Q&A session. Selected slides are now available.


Seminar - Safety of the Internet of Things (IoT)

This seminar looked at the safety risks of IoT, many related to security concerns. Selected slides are now available on the event page.

Call for Abstracts for SSS'19

The Safety Critical Systems Symposium 2019 call for abstracts has now closed.

Details can be found on the event page.

The symposium will be held in Bristol, UK from 5th to 7th February 2019.

Seminar - Eye of the ISA on highly automated vehicles 

The Independent Safety Assessors' (ISA) working group seminar focussed on the challenges associated with highly automated and autonomous transportation. Selected slides are now on the event page.

Seminar - Safety and Security Integration

This one-day event in London featured talks from domain experts on how to integrate these two critical aspects through combined methods and techniques. Slides are on the event page.

Data Safety Guidance

The PDF of the new Data Safety Guidance document (V3.0) is available for free download.


SSS'18 was held in York and was very successful. Various outputs are available. Please see the event page.

Drones and UAS Seminar

Selected slides are now available from the 1-day seminar "Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems: How Can We Ensure Safe Flight?" looking at the system aspects of ensuring safety in this new and rapidly evolving area held on the 7th December 2017 in central London.


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