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 Safety-Critical Systems Club 
 For Everyone Working in Systems Safety

The SCSC is the UK's professional network for sharing knowledge about system safety.  It brings together engineers and specialists from a range of disciplines and industries working in system safety, academics researching the arena of system safety, providers of the tools and services that are needed to develop the systems, and the regulators who oversee safety.

The SCSC provides seminars, workshops and tutorials throughout the year, with a three-day annual Safety-Critical Systems Symposium in February.

More about the SCSC

Latest news:

AI is the big theme this year

All the 1-day seminars this year will have an AI theme reflecting the importance of this rapidly evolving technology. The first is on April 25th and looks at frameworks for AI, subsequent seminars look at building systems with AI and operating them.

175 attendees at SSS24

We had a fantastic SSS'24 with record attendance. The talks were excellent, and the Safe AI panel generated a lot of interest. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be posting photos and videos from the event.