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Future Club events

  Date  Event  Title
November 20, 2018 SCSC SAWG#12  SCSC Service Assurance Working Group Meeting #12  
London, UK    

November 21, 2018 SCSC DSIWG #43  SCSC Data Safety Initative Working Group Meeting #43  
Thales, London    

December 6, 2018 SCSC Seminar  COTS, Legacy and Reuse  
London, UK    

February 5 - 7, 2019 SCSC Symposium  Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2019 (SSS'19)  
Bristol, UK    

April 4, 2019 SCSC Seminar  Evolution of Assurance Case Practice  
London, UK    

June 13, 2019 SCSC Seminar  Learning from Accident Investigations  
London, UK    

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Other events coming soon

  Date  Event  Title
October 29 - 31, 2018 SSCS 2018  The 13th International Conference on System Safety and Cyber Security  
IET London: Savoy Place    

October 29, 2018 IET  Operating beyond the edge: Safety critical systems and human factors  
The Forum, Barrow in Furness    

November 6, 2018 HIS 2018  High Integrity Software 2018  
Bristol, UK    

November 20, 2018 IET Workshop  Software Tools in the Development of Safety Systems  
IET Birmingham    


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