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Below is a list of forthcoming SCSC events and Working Group meetings together with other related non-SCSC events.

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  Date  Event  Title
October 21, 2021 Seminar  Can we quantify risk?  
Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel, London, UK and Virtually Online    

November 11, 2021 Seminar  Safe Use of Multi-Core and Manycore Processors  
London, UK and blended online    

November 24, 2021 SFI  Safety Futures Initiative "Get To Know You" event x2  

December 2, 2021 Seminar   Managing ‘Black Swans’: Handling Rare and Severe Events Now and in the Future  
London, UK and blended online    

February 8 - 10, 2022 Symposium  Safety-Critical Systems Symposium (SSS'22)  
Bristol, UK and blended online    

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