Webinar: Clinical Data Safety: The Emerging Challenge

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Clinical Data Safety: The Emerging Challenge

Monday 3 April, 2023 - Webinar 13:00-15:30

This webinar, jointly held with NHS Digital and MCA Ltd, looked at the data risks in modern healthcare systems where data is used to make safety-critical decisions. Errors in, or incorrect use of such data, can cause harm to patients and adversely clinical outcomes. Ensuring the safe use of data is a complex challenge for the healthcare industry.

The webinar was from 13:00 - 15:30 and was free to attend.

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The edited event chat is below:

Tim Coffey: According to Microsoft - the limit of Excel at the time was higher:

Tim Coffey: This may be relevant to use of Excel in government:

It was released in 2013 and starts with: "Modelling is essential to the work of government. From predicting the spread of pandemic flu to forecasting population growth, models underpin decisions which affect people’s lives."
If my memory is correct, it was launched after a flawed use of Excel in a government tendering exercise that was challenged.

Tim Coffey:

Usaid: how does this method handle aggregation of many DSAL0 (zero) risks? [Good question! To be taken up by the Working Group]

Angela Ounnas-O'Neill: Is this being implemented by NHSE to work in conjunction with the standards?

Mike Parsons:
Martin Atkins:
Divya Atkins:

This webinar will be repeated on 21st April.

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