Symposium: Safety Critical Systems Symposium SSS'24

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SSS'24 Bristol Royal Marriott, UK
Day 1 - Tuesday 13th February
Future Aviation
Chair: Graham Jolliffe
Keynote: Dewi Daniels - Software Safety Ltd
Byzantine Generals Attack an Airbus A320
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Benita Lawrence, George Head - Ebeni
Safety and Certification Considerations of eVTOL Aircraft
Keynote: Steve Wright - Wright Airborne Computing
Safety in unmanned aviation - how much have we got and how much do we need?
Assurance Cases
Chair: Paul Hampton
Chris Hobbs - Rockcliffe Flight Training Unit
The Safety Case as a Process Driver
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Vikas Ghatge, Laure Buysse, Dries Vanoost, Johan Catrysse and Davy Pissoort - KU Leuven
Rob Kleihorst - Philips Medical Systems
Ensuring Safety and Effectiveness of Medical Devices in the Presence of Electromagnetic Disturbances through Unified EMC Assurance: A Compliance Pattern
Ben Philips - Adelard, part of NCC Group
Assurance 2.0: experience and automation
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Chris Hobbs - BlackBerry QNX
Simon Diemert, Jeff Joyce - Critical Systems Labs Inc.
Driving the Development Process from the Safety Case
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Chair: Jane Fenn
Harold Thimbleby - Swansea University and Gresham College
Seeing beyond the Post Office Horizon
Phil Koopman, Yvonne Oakshott, Harold Thimbleby, with audience participation"Things that changed my world: A lighter view on what has influenced me in system safety”
hosted by Tom Anderson
Day 2 - Wednesday 14th February
Future Rail
Chair: Stephen Bull
Vincent Ganthy - Futures Lab, RSSB
Achieving railway resilience to climate change using dynamic system risk assessment
Niki Mok - TÜV Rheinland UK Ltd
System Analysis on Driver Monitoring System for Mainline Railway
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Keynote: Hayat Zerkani - Crossrail Ltd
System Safety for Complex Projects – The Crossrail Approach
Safety of AI
Chair: Alan Simpson
Richard Everson1, Edmond Awad1, Ben Carvell2, Richard Cannon2, George De Ath1, Tim Dodwell3, Marc Thomas2
1 - University of Exeter, 2 - NATS, 3 - Alan Turing Institute
Project Bluebird: AI for Air Traffic Control
Phillip Mulvana1, Lacey-Jo Marsland2, Tom Boden1, Guy Burroughes1, Richard Hawkins3, Matt Osborne3
1 - RAICo, UK Atomic Energy Authority, 2 - AtkinsRéalis, 3 - AAIP, University of York
Implementing autonomy in nuclear robotics: an experience-informed review of applying SACE
Keynote: Alessio Lomuscio - Imperial College London & Safe Intelligence
Towards Formal Verification and Robustification of Neural Systems in Safety-Critical Applications
  • Phil Koopman - CMU
  • Alessio Lomuscio - Imperial College London and Safe Intelligence
  • George Mason - Frazer-Nash Consultancy
  • John McDermid - AAIP
  • Helen Monkhouse - HORIBA MIRA
  • Mark Sujan - Health Services Safety Investigation Body
Panel Discussion: “Can we make safe AI?”
hosted by Alan Simpson - Ebeni
Poster Session
Stephen Bull and Kath Uthay - Ebeni Ltd
Digitalisation of Rail
Nikita Bhardwaj Haupt, Peter Liggesmeyer - RPTU Kaiserslautern
Dynamic Risk Assessment in Automated Vehicles: An elaborated Approach to HARA
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Kirsty Munns - Babcock International
A Bow Tie Approach to Quantitative Risk Assessment and Control for Maritime Vessels
George Mason and Greg Chance - Frazer-Nash Consultancy
Towards Trustworthy AI: Legislation, Techniques and Challenges
Connor Walker, Callum Rothon, Koorosh Aslansefat, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Nina Dethlef - AURA CDT, University of Hull
SafeLLM: A Novel Framework for Safety Evaluation of Large Language Models: A Case Study of Offshore Wind Maintenance Planning
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Jonathan Pallant - Ferrous Systems UK Limited
Using Rust for Safety-Critical Systems
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Paul Darnell, Pavan Kumar, Ross McMurran, Ravindra Sabbella - 3SK
Ensuring SOTIF for Off-Highway Autonomous Vehicles
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Anil Ranjitbhai Patel, Peter Liggesmeyer - RPTU Kaiserslautern
Adaptive Safety Measures: A Concept to Optimize Safety in Automated Driving Systems
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James IngeIEC 63187: Systems engineering — System safety Complex systems and defence applications
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David Slater, Cardiff UniversitySafety and Complexity
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SCSC Working GroupsWorking Group Posters
SCWGSafety Culture Working Group
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After-dinner speech by Simon Davies - Vertical Aerospace

Simon is a Test Pilot with Vertical Aerospace on the VA-1X eVTOL demonstrator programme, including flights in aircraft 1.

He is Integrated Project Team lead for the crew escape system and also leads the pilot training and licensing activities.

Before Vertical he worked at Cranfield University. He is also Director and Test Pilot at D5 Aviation Ltd.

Day 3 - Thursday 15th February
New Thinking
Chair: Dave Banham
Paul Hampton - CGI
Red Cars are Killing Left-handed People!
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Michael Wright - Safety Culture Working Group, SCSC
A Position Paper on Safety Culture Assessment and Improvement
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Mike Parsons - Ebeni Ltd and SCSC
How to Assure a Cloud
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Miriam Gonzalez-Atienza1, Dries Vanoost1, Rob Kleihorst2, Davy Pissoort1
1 - KU Leuven, 2 - Philips Medical Systems
System-Theoretic Process Analysis Approach to Analyse EMI-related Hazards and Prioritise Loss Scenarios
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Keynote: Mikela Chatzimichailidou - University College London
The ‘Golden Thread’ of Information: A Systems Approach to Construction Safety
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Automotive & Autonomy
Chair: Chris Hobbs
Carmen Carlen - Edge Case Research
Measuring and Forecasting Safety of Autonomous Systems in the Automotive Sector
Keynote: Adiac Aguilar - Volvo Cars
Safe by Design - Autonomous Vehicle Systems
Islem Jouini, Sai Pavan Kumar Eswara, Mikhail Tchernikov - CapGemini
ISO-26262 - The unfriendly, the friendly and the friend-in-need
Lavinia Burski - SCSC SAWG
Sanity Checking Autonomous Vehicle Specifications using ZDRa
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Gavin McCall - Codethink Ltd
RAFIA - Using open-source software in an Automotive safety application - a case study
Keynote: Philip Koopman - Carnegie Mellon University
William H. Widen - University of Miami School of Law
Breaking the Tyranny of Net Risk Metrics for Automated Vehicle Safety
Extra paper: Anatomy of a Robotaxi Crash   Read the paper from the proceedings   View Presentation  

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