Evening Seminar: Interdependencies and Resilient Infrastructure


Interdependencies and Resilient Infrastructure

Prof. Robin Bloomfield
CSR City University London
and Adelard

Wednesday 14 April, 2010 - Birkbeck College London

Interdependencies are central to delivering resilience and also a potential source of vulnerability and risk. This talk examined the challenges posed by the need to understand and evaluate the resilience of infrastructures.

The talk drew on a study on interdependencies for the TSB, CPNI and EPSRC in which we consulted a wider range of Critical National Infrastructure stakeholders and reviewed research specific to modelling, analyzing and understanding dependencies. The study identified the state-of-the-art and the government and industry requirements for tools and services. It concluded with a strategy aiming to bridge the gaps between the capabilities and requirements, where this was identified as currently feasible.

CSR was also a partner in the EU IRRIIS project and we have been building and experimenting with a range of models based on deterministic service models and stochastic activity nets. We summarised some of the lessons from developing a model of central Rome’s power and telecommunications infrastructures and, in the light of the policy and strategy context, discuss the importance of intangible ‘soft’ infrastructures and the potential contribution from the safety and computer science communities in the interdisciplinary challenges.

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