Seminar: How to stop Data causing Harm


How to stop Data causing Harm

Tuesday 4 December, 2012 - London, United Kingdom

System safety clearly depends on hardware, software and the operational environment. But systems also use data: data consumed by the system, configuration data, data about the system (e.g. maintenance records) and even data about users of the system (e.g. competence data). Many systems also now contain vast commercial databases in which faulty data can indirectly impact safety via users or operators (e.g. medical records systems, geographic information systems).

These data-driven safety problems can occur in many industries and in many types of system – e.g. air traffic control, railway traffic management, policing and healthcare. However, current standards and regulations focus on systems and software; handling of the data itself is poorly covered. And the problem is getting worse, due to the growing scale and availability of data. Do we need new standards and better regulation, to ensure that safety data is identified, assessed and managed appropriately?

A panel session will give delegates the opportunity to relate their own experience, or raise issues they are facing. 

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Alastair Faulkner     Introduction – Standards and Industrial Practice

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Paul Ensor             The Safety of Data and Information Systems

     Watch presentation Watch the presentation on

Alan Simpson         Aeronautical Information – How confident are we it’s correct?

     Watch presentation Watch the presentation on

Ian Bingham          Safety Data in National Infrastructure Projects

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Mark Nicholson       Topics in Dataware Safety

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Mike Ainsworth       Assuring Safety-Related Data – How do we decide data is correct?

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Further involvement
If you are interested in a follow-up to this event and would like to contribute to the development of new guidance material for data-intensive or data-centric safety systems, please contact Mike Parsons at With the support of the SCSC the aim is to produce draft cross-sector community guidance by December 2013. The first meeting to set the scope of the activity will be held in London (Kings Place) at the end of January.

All enquiries to Joan Atkinson, tel +44 191 221 2222,


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