Seminar: Interim Def Stan 00-56 Issue 5 - the next evolution in safety standards?


Interim Def Stan 00-56 Issue 5 - the next evolution in safety standards?

Thursday 18 April, 2013 - The Charing Cross Hotel, London

Military equipment is arguably the most challenging to engineer for system safety. For UK MOD, this domain covers land, sea (surface and sub-surface), air, space and cyber. It requires system safety engineering in high risk areas such as nuclear reactors and complex weapons. In addition, military systems are often first to apply new technology or expand the application boundary of current technology.


For the UK MOD, the safety requirements are embodied in Def Stan 00-56. Thus, its review and update is an important event for the UK defence industry. This standard also has a history in breaking new ground and influencing civil aspects of safety. Following public comment Def Stan 00-56 is now considered ready for issue.

This event is an opportunity to gain insight into the new 00-56 and discuss with members of the core authoring team the implications of implementing the draft standard. The event will include:  an overview of the revisions, opinions on the potential impacts, and a workshop/panel session for discussion of scenarios for satisfying Def Stan 00-56 Issue 5. There will also be a presentation on the plans for the new Def Stan 00-55, which will address the safety of programmable electronics. 


Download a copy of the event programme.

Download slides from the presentations by clicking on the links below: 

Peter Law and Paul Caseley   Why another issue of 00-56?
John McDermid Overview of 00-56 issue 5
Phil Williams The contractor's view of 00-56 Issue 5
David Smith The ISA's view of 00-56 Issue 5
Graham Jolliffe New Def Stan 00-55 - The planned approach

Further information about the Defence Standard 00-56 Issue 5 Review can be obtained via the MoD Defence Standards website.

Other information supporting DE&S Safety Management Policy and Guidance is available on the Acquisition Operating Framework.

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