Seminar: Accident Investigation and Analysis


Accident Investigation and Analysis

Thursday 3 October, 2013 - London, United Kingdom

Investigations are carried out in the wake of accidents in many industries. This seminar will look at what these investigations tell us about the accidents and their causes; about the efficacy of any safety analyses that had been done before the accident; and about how safety was being managed when the accident occurred.

Do we need better ways of investigating accidents?

Can we learn generic lessons that can be applied more broadly than to the industry sector concerned?

How do we stop the ‘blame game’ obscuring the truth about systemic causes of accidents?

Representatives of the automotive, rail, shipping and defence industries will be among the speakers at this seminar, and there will be a review of the various investigations into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Download a copy of the event programme.

View the presentation slides by clicking on the links below:

Steve Brake

Independent accident investigation for the UK's railways
Please email Chris Dale if you attended the event and would like a copy of Steve Brake's slides.

Ireri Ibarra Drivers for change in automotive accident investigation
Mike Smith Military air accident investigation
Brian Sherwood Jones     Learning from incidents in shipping
Simon Brown Deepwater Horizon investigations

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