Seminar: Transferable Safety - Fact or Fiction?


Transferable Safety - Fact or Fiction?

Thursday 5 December, 2013 - Hilton London Euston Hotel, London, United Kingdom

The Assessment of Safety Related Compliance Claims document is now available.

This seminar, organised in collaboration with the Independent Safety Assurance Working Group, addressed transferability issues relating to safety, in particular as they affect Independent Safety Assessors (ISAs).

ISAs’ judgements need to be justified by arguments and evidence. Above all, they are safety judgements and must be based on safety considerations.

This seminar aimed to provide attendees with information and insights that will help them make and justify their safety judgements.

Event Programme

The schedule for the day can be found on the event programme.

View the presentation slides by clicking on the links below:

John Allan Mutual recognition between regulators
Andrew Eaton A regulator's expectations for safety case re-use
Jane Fenn Transferable safety - motivation, challenges and potential pitfalls
Katrina Attwood The role of the safety-case lexicon in cross-domain translation: the OPENCOSS project
Helen Auld A safety case development framework
Luke Emmet OMG - international standards for assurance cases
Dave Smith Unjustified justifications

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