Seminar: How to Stop Data Causing Harm: What you need to know


How to Stop Data Causing Harm: What you need to know

Thursday 3 December, 2015 - London, UK

An updated programme is now available.

The slides from this event are now available:

  1. Mike Parsons - How We Got Here
  2. Mike Ainsworth - Data Safety in Railway Signalling and Control
  3. John Spriggs - A Bill of Rights for Data Assurance
  4. Nick Hales - The Role of Unsafe Data in the Mid-Air Collision over Uberlingen
  5. Dave Higgins - Combining Data Safety and Cyber Security
  6. Brent Kimberley - Striving for Water and Waste-Water Data Integrity
  7. Paul Hampton and Mike Parsons - Marine and Aviation Accidents Related to Data

As the recent Airbus A400M military transport aircraft crash shows, data (or absence of data) can impact on the safety of systems with catastrophic consequences. This is now a growing problem as more systems become dependent on many types of data in safety-related and safety-critical applications.

This event shows how to manage safety-related data in a variety of real situations. It is a follow-up to the successful seminar “How to Stop Data Causing  Harm” held in December 2012. The guidance that has been produced by the SCSC Data Safety Initiative Working Group (DSIWG) is outlined, and then its application in different sectors and situations is explored.


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