Tutorial: The Ethics of Acceptable Safety


The Ethics of Acceptable Safety

Thursday 1 October, 2015 - Cumberland Hotel, London, UK

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Engineers working on safety-critical systems have a duty to address ethical issues that may arise in the development, assessment, operation and maintenance of these systems. Dealing with ethical conflicts during safety risk assessment is particularly challenging, especially when making and justifying decisions concerning risk acceptability. This can be further complicated by organisational issues and contractual limits that do not necessarily align with the boundaries of ethical responsibility. This tutorial addresses the dilemmas and duties of engineers when dealing with ethical concerns surrounding safety risk management decisions. 

The tutorial will be delivered by the following interdisciplinary team:

Dr Ibrahim Habli, University of York

Professor Christopher Megone, University of Leeds

Professor Tim Kelly, University of York

Dr Mark Nicholson, University of York

Dr Kevin Macnish, University of Leeds

With contributions to the lecture notes from Dr Andrew Rae (Griffith University, Australia)

Links and further information:

The Inter-disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre at the University of Leeds
The paper The Ethics of Acceptable Safety presented at SSS'15.


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