Seminar: Use of Service History and Field Data in Support of Safety Justifications


Use of Service History and Field Data in Support of Safety Justifications

Thursday 14 April, 2016 - London, UK

Slides from this event are now available:

1. Louise Harney - Collaborative analysis of field data

2. Celine Pasty - Focus on Iris...

3. Peter Niemann - Field Data in the EGNOS Safety Case

4. Elizabeth Lennon, Mark Hadley, Mike Standish - Field Service Evidence: Practical examples and refinement in its use to support qualification arguments

5. Emily Martin - How do we create company-wide safety intelligence from data and analysis?

(See also the NATS blog article)

6. Rick Vinter - Developing safety evidence profiles for software of unknown pedigree

An updated programme is available for this event.

This seminar will look at the issues of collecting and using field and operational data, i.e. service history, to support safety justifications (e.g. safety cases).

What sort of data should be collected? How should it be collected and processed? Can field data read-across to support safety arguments for different systems or different usage scenarios? What types of data support which legs of a safety argument? What do we do with gaps in the data?

These questions and many more will be discussed at this seminar.

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