: Ada Conference UK 2007


Ada Conference UK 2007

Building better, safer software

Tuesday 25 September, 2007 - Hilton Deansgate Hotel, Manchester

Following the success of the 2006 event, the Ada UK conference returned to Manchester, this time to the brand new, highly acclaimed Manchester Hilton Hotel in the heart of the city.

The event was organised to promote awareness of the Ada programming language, and to highlight the increased relevance of Ada in safety- and security-critical programming. Since its inception, Ada has been successful in systems where reliability is essential. Its application domains include aeronautics, air traffic control, aerospace, simulation, shipboard systems, railway systems, communications, banking and many others.

It is used in environments ranging from bareboard embedded devices to large-scale distributed real-time systems, and in multi-language software interfacing with languages such as C, C++, Fortran and Java. Ada is used worldwide, for both government and commercial systems, and it taught at colleges and universities where software engineering is an important focus.

The event consisted of a technical track and a parallel track giving major vendors the opportunity to present their technology. Vendors offered demonstrations throughout the day at their stands.



0800   Registration
0915   Plenary Opening
Technical track
1000   Jeff Cousins, BAE Systems
Porting to Ada 2005
1030   Clive Pygot, QinetiQ
The use of safe subsets in different programming languages
Vendor track
1000   Michael Friess, AdaCore
Who's not interested in serious development? Bringing safety to every Ada programmer
1020   Tom Grosman, Aonix
Hibachi - The Ada Development Tools Project for Eclipse (ADT)
1040   Francis Thom, ARTiSAN Software Tools
Implementing Design Patterns in Ada
1100   -- Coffee Break --
Technical track
1130   Paul Parkinson, Wind River
Can Ada bu used with Multiple Independent Levels of Security
1200   Michael Harbour, Universidad de Cantabria
The MaRTE OS run-time as a support for real-time programming and Ada
Vendor track
1130   Jon Williams, Green Hills Software
Green Hills Software Safety certified Solutions for INTEGRITY-178B
1150   Alec Vogt, Kennedy Carter
Automatic Code Generation: Leveraging Ada in a UML World
1210   George Elms, LDRA
Testing Ada Code for High Integrity Systems
1230   -- Lunch --
Technical track
1400   Rod Chapman, Praxis High Integrity Systems
Correctness by Construction: Putting Engineering into Software
1430   Tucker Taft, SofCheck
The automatic extraction of semantic information from software (such as pre- and post-conditions) using advanced static analysis
Vendor track
1400   Stuart Fisher, LynuxWorks
Meeting the Demands of Software Security
1420   Derek Russell, Objectum
OOTest: Ada, UML and Test Tool Convergance
1440   Colin Coats, Telelogic
Model-Driven Development for Ada Applications
1500   -- Coffee Break --
Technical track
1530   Ron Ashpole, Berwicks Consultants
The DO-178C standardization process and implications for language
1600   Guillem Bernat, Rapita Systems
Using Ada for Software Development Tools
Vendor track
1530   Niroshan C. Rajadurai, Vector Software Inc.
Advanced Techniques for Testing Software
1550   Alex Wilson, Wind River
Wind River Technology Update
1610   Rod Chapman, Praxis High Integrity Systems
What's new with SPARK
1630   Plenary Closing
Robert Dewar - The future of programming languages


Event operated by CSR, in cooperation with the: Safety-Critical Systems Club.

Event lead sponsor and advocate: Adacore.

Event sponsors: Wind River, BAE Systems, MBDA.

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