Symposium: Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2018 (SSS'18)


Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2018 (SSS'18)

Tuesday 6 - Thursday 8 February, 2018 - York, UK

The Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2018 (SSS'18) was held from 6th - 8th February 2018, at the Principal hotel, York,

        Events Centre   Royal-York-Garden-Room1


There were 5 keynote presentations, submitted papers and a poster session.

The keynote speakers were: Dr. Rod Chapman, Prof. John Clark, Prof. Chris Johnson, Prof. John McDermid and Dr. Jonas Nillson.

The after-dinner speech was by Dr. Eluned Lewis, Senior Fellow, Personal Ballistic Protection, Technology Office, Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S).

The final Symposium programme is still available.

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The proceedings of the symposium are available to buy from Amazon or download as a full book .  Individual papers are available below1 and a selection of slides2 from the presentations together with videos2 of some presentations will be available soon.

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Day 1: Tuesday 6th February 2018

Keynote address

 Safe Self-driving Cars: Challenges and Some Solutions - Jonas Nilsson
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


 The State of Solutions for Autonomous Systems Safety - Rob Alexander, Rob Ashmore, Andrew Banks
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


 Ethics and the safety of autonomous systems - Catherine Menon, Rob Alexander
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


Lunch and Exhibition

Keynote address

 Safety of Artificial Intelligence and its role in Autonomy: A Maritime Perspective - John McDermid, Kevin Daffey
 Presentation slides


 Machine Learning Safety: An Overview - José M. Faria
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


Tea and Exhibition

 Safety-Critical Software and Safety-Critical Artificial Intelligence: Integrating New Practices and New Safety Concerns for AI systems - Mark Douthwaite and Tim Kelly
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


Keynote address

Will we ever learn to love AI? - John Clark (paper unavailable)
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


 Service-Based Safety Assurance - Craig Harris, Mike Parsons, Alan Simpson
 Presentation slides




Day 2: Wednesday 7th February 2018

Keynote address

 The Fumble Programmer - Roderick Chapman
 Presentation slidesVideo Watch the presentation


 The Future MISRA C under the Spotlight - Frank van den Beuken
 Presentation slides Video Watch the presentation


Coffee and Exhibition

 Regulatory perspective on the review and content of a behaviour-based safety case - Andrew Eaton and Stephen Barker
 Presentation slides  - Video Watch the presentation


 Error Management combining people and systems - Rebecca Canham, Michael Wright & Ludmila Musalova
 Presentation slides


Lunch and Exhibition

 A method for quantitative measurement of safety culture based on ISO 26262
Arash Khabbaz Saberi and Frank Benders, Richard Koch, Johan J. Lukkien and Mark van den Brand

 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


Poster Session with Tea and Exhibition

Increasing dependability in Cyber-Physical Systems using Reflective Statecharts based Software Components - Miren Illarramendi Rezabal

Complex Adaptive Technologies: Ensuring Safe Behaviours - Alastair Faulkner, Mark Nicholson

Certification Route for Pre-existing Complex Software Elements - Nicholas McGuire, Andreas Platschek

Model-Connected Safety Cases - Athanasios Retouniotis

The Safety Assurance of Intelligent and Self-Adaptive Systems - John Bragg and Ibrahim Habli


SCSC Working Group Reports

Assurance Cases, Security Informed Safety, Data Safety Initiative, Autonomous Systems, Service Assurance



Day 3: Thursday 8th February 2018

Keynote address

 The Increasing Risks of Risk Assessment: On the Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Non-Determinism in Safety-Critical Systems
C.W. Johnson


 Hazard and Risk Analysis for Health Informatics: Fundamental Challenges and New Directions
Ibrahim Habli and Sean White

 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation



 Cyber security enhancements for an ARINC653 safety-critical avionics platform - Arlen Baker and Paul Parkinson
 Presentation slides


 Securing a wireless command and control system for the UK national rail network - Andrew Hawthorn and Richard Myers
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation



 Data in Police and Criminal Justice Systems: How data errors could lead to harm to innocent citizens
Bill Blackburn, Paul Hampton and Mike Parsons

 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation


 A Systems Engineering Approach to Data Risk - Louise Harney
 Presentation slides - Video Watch the presentation



 Agile development of safety related industrial automation solutions - Wolfgang Reinelt and Ajay Mishra


 The Agile FMEA Approach - Thor Myklebust, Are Hellandsvik, Geir Kjetil Hanssen and Jan-Arne Eriksen


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