Symposium: Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2019 (SSS'19)

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SSS'19 Safety-Critical Systems Symposium 2019
Day One - Tuesday 5th February 2019
Session One: Safe Decision Making
Chair: Paul Hampton
Keynote: Sidney Dekker - Griffith University
Automation Surprise in the 21st Century: Culture, Collaborative Cognition, Complexity and Legacy Systems
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Johannes de Haan - Eurocontrol
Fabio Massacci, Pierantonia Sterlini - University of Trento
Peter Bernard Ladkin - Causalis
Christian Raspotnig - AVINOR ANS
The Risk of Relying on a Public Communications Infrastructure
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Michael Wright, Ludmila Musalova, Rebecca Canham - Greenstreet Berman
Stuart King - Energy Institute
Managing major accident hazard risks (people, plant and environment) during organisational change: A new Energy Institute Guide
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John Spriggs - Consultant
Sufficient Assurance?
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Session Two: Safety Services
Chair: Dave Banham
Keynote: Maureen Baker - NHS
Safety in NHS IT - A Personal Narrative
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Working Group ReportService Assurance (SAWG)
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Nick Durston - Durston Consulting
Mike Parsons - CGI UK
Andy Scott - NATS
Alan Simpson - Ebeni
The Principles of Service Assurance
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Kevin King and Steve Elliott - BAE Systems
Service-based Safety Assurance: A provider approach in a challenging environment
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Day Two - Wednesday 6th February 2019
Session One: Autonomy, AI and Machine Learning (i)
Chair: Dewi Daniels
Keynote: Jelena Frtunikj, Simon Fürst - BMW Group
Engineering Safe Machine Learning for Automated Driving Systems
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Working Group ReportAssurance Cases (ACWG)
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Hamid Asgari, Ben Pritchard - Thales UK
Jason Farrell - University of Bristol
Review of Regulatory Issues of Robotic and Autonomous Systems: Learning for the Civil Nuclear Industry
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Colin O’Halloran, William Simmonds and Nick Tudor - D-RisQ Ltd
Verifying Behaviour of Swarms ofAutonomous Cyber Physical Systems
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Rob Ashmore, Bhopinder Madahar - Dstl
Rethinking Diversity in the Context of Autonomous Systems
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Keynote: Mario Trapp and Gereon Weiss - Fraunhofer ESK
Towards Dynamic Safety Managementfor Autonomous Systems
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Session Two: Security Informed Safety
Chair: Graham Jolliffe
Emma A. Taylor and David J. K. Griffin - DstlRail Safety and Standards Board
Review of the context for a combined security-safety risk management framework for rail
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Brian Stevens, Rob Ashmore - Dstl
Andrea Margheri and Vladimiro Sassone - University of Southampton
Developing Critical Software in the Modern Threat Environment
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Stephen Bull - Ebeni
David Shipman - Network Rail
Assuring EULYNX: Application of CSM-RA to Specification Development
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Poster Session

  1. Developing an Ontology of Risk Terminology for Safety and Security Engineering, Dave Banham
  2. Who does what for Service Assurance? Nick Durston
  3. System Dependability – What does it really mean? Trevor Leckie
  4. Human Adaptability in Engineering System Safety, Don MacInnes
  5. Dedicated EMI-Diverse Redundant Systems for Fail-Operational Safety-Critical Systems under Harsh Electromagnetic Disturbances, Davy Pissoort
  6. Abstract Interface Classes to Identify Affecting Factors for Safety of Autonomous Vehicles, Masao Ito
  7. Psychological safety - facilitating self-reporting of error, mistakes and non-compliance: A rapid review for the Energy Institute, Michael Wright and Sam Opiah

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Day Three - Thursday 7th February 2019
Session One: New Approaches
Chair: Louise Harney
Keynote: Graham Braithwaite - Cranfield University
Forensics to Prognostics: From investigating failures to anticipating the vulnerabilities of increasingly complex systems
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Working Group ReportData Safety Initiative (DSIWG)
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Nick Hales - Retired Senior Engineer for Critical Avionics in the MoD DE&S
Design of an Application to Make Maintenance Processes Safer
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David Radack and Harold G. Tiedeman Jr. - Rockwell Collins
Paul Parkinson - Wind River
Civil Certification of Multi-coreProcessing Systems in Commercial Avionics
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Martin Krammer, Helmut Martin, Bernhard Winkler, Martin Benedikt - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center
Functional Safety in the Context of Distributed Co-Simulation
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Session Two: Autonomy, AI and Machine Learning (ii)
Chair: Tim Kelly
James McCloskey, Chris Allsopp, David H Smith, Sam Jenkins, Lee Ramsay - Frazer-Nash Consultancy
Elizabeth Lennon - Dstl
Towards a Safety Argument for Autonomous Systems that Use Machine Learning
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Working Group ReportSafety of Autonomous Systems (SASWG)
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Graham Sutherland - Mott MacDonald Limited
Ali Hessami - Vega Systems Limited
Potential Methods to Enhance Safety within Neural Network Based Systems
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Keynote: Philip Koopman, Aaron Kane, Jen Black - Carnegie Mellon University & Edge Case Research
Credible Autonomy Safety Argumentation
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