Seminar: Evolution of Assurance Case Practice

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Evolution of Assurance Case Practice

Thursday 4 April, 2019 - London, UK

This seminar featured six talks from experts in the latest techniques for assuring complex systems and services. Assurance is evolving: not only utilising new techniques and methods, but now covering not just Safety but other areas such as Security, Business Resilience and Availability.

All slides are now available:

01 - Bloomfield

02 - Birch

03 - Kelly

04 - Selviandro

05 - Foster

06 - Scott

07 - Chinneck and Oakshott

The event handouts are now available.

Automotive safety argumentation was covered; so too was combined safety-security assurance approaches for civil aviation. Robin Bloomfield presented approaches for assuring autonomous systems.

Tim Kelly and his team from York presented the Structured Assurance Case Metamodel (SACM) 2.0. SACM supports approaches such as the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) and Claims-Argument-Evidence (CAE). SACM incorporates and extends developments of GSN, including Assurance Case Patterns and Modular Safety Case Construction within a new unified standard. SACM also provides an enabling framework for new developments including dialectic argumentation, better management of evidence, reasoning about confidence, automated reasoning support for arguments and dynamic assurance cases processed and executed at run-time.

The latest thinking from the SCSC Assurance Case Working Group on current topics was also  presented.

There was a panel session at the end of the day where the audience had an opportunity to put further questions to the speakers.

An updated programme for this event is now available.

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