SAWG#12: SCSC Service Assurance Working Group Meeting #12

SCSC Service Assurance Working Group Meeting #12

Tuesday 20 November, 2018 - London, UK

The 12th meeting of the SCSC Service Assurance Working Group (SAWG #12) will take place at NATS Brettenham House, London on 20th November 2018. The meeting starts at 11:00. 

IMPORTANT: Please could you let me know if you are attending in person – security information may be needed and I need to arrange catering.

Agenda TBC:
1. Progress on Guidance Document 

2. SSS’19 papers update

3. SSS’19 progress report presentation update

4. Service Assurance Wrappers review and discussion

5.Production of generic presentation on service assurance

6. Planning for 2018/2019 activities

7. Collected service-oriented war stories

8. Service analyses update, including STAMP/STPA

9. WG meeting and communications schedule

10. Service Assurance in the news

11. AOB

Please forward this invite to others who may be interested.

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