NCSC Event: The Safety and Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems

The Safety and Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems

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Tuesday 20 November, 2018 - National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), London

Cyber-attacks against safety systems are now a reality and could significantly impact our way of life. How can we take this option off the table for attackers?

This event will be organised jointly by NCSC and their Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Community of Interest (CoI).

The subject of this event is the Safety and Security of Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology (ICS/OT).

It is intended for anyone who has a responsibility or interest in control systems from UK based users to integrators and suppliers of ICS/OT. These will include asset owners, vendors, integrators, UK policy makers, regulators and academia.

The event will be based around a representative cyber-attack on automation and safety systems. There will be presentations from NCSC and wider government figures, industry and academia to outline problems and possible solutions. The aim is to familiarise attendees with key NCSC guidance, tools and techniques to defend networks and systems.

The event will also encourage networking and the building of the UK wide ICS CoI.

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