ACWG#8: SCSC Assurance Case Working Group #8

SCSC Assurance Case Working Group #8

Wednesday 27 March, 2019 - Lincoln

The eigth meeting of the SCSC Assurance Case Working Group (ACWG) will take place in Lincoln

Details of venue etc will be available to ACWG members in the groups area (

The Proposed agenda is:

  1. Welcome and Logistics
  2. Introductions
  3. Terms of Reference
  4. Agreement of previous meeting record
  5. Actions not covered by agenda items
  6. Progress on Activities
    1. Assurance case guidance
    2. GSN Standard maintenance activity
    3. Safety Case Evaluation Criteria (Liaison with ISA WG)
  7. Potential new activities/contributions - tbc
  8. Summary of actions
  9. Date/Venue of next meetings
    1. ACWG #9 TBC
  10. AOB

Space will be limited, but we hope to have a dial-in option available

Please contact Phil Williams (see 'Groups' for contact details) if you would like to attend.

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