SAWG#15: SCSC Service Assurance Working Group meeting #15

SCSC Service Assurance Working Group meeting #15

Tuesday 14 May, 2019 - BAE Systems, London

The 15th meeting of the SCSC Service Assurance Working Group (SAWG #15) will take place at BAE Systems, Stirling Square, London, on Tuesday 14th May 2019. The meeting starts at 11:00. 


1. Update on Guidance Document progress for SSS'20: Principles, Objectives, Wrappers, etc.

2. Presentation: Business Process Modelling for Services (TBC) – Stephanie Butler, Leidos

3. Planning for 2019/2020 activities 
4. Collected service-oriented war stories 
5. WG meeting and communications schedule
6. Service Assurance in the news
7. AOB


Location details:

Address: BAE Systems, Stirling Square, 6 Carlton Gardens, St. James's, London SW1Y 5AD

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