: Formal Aspects of Safety-Critical Systems


Formal Aspects of Safety-Critical Systems

Arranged jointly with the BCS FACS group and FME

Tuesday 9 December, 2008 - Strand Palace Hotel, London

Formal methods have long been advocated as techniques for defect avoidance in the development of safety-critical systems. They rely on the use of rigorously defined mathematical abstractions to permit precise modelling, analysis and verification of designs and code. Although they have been seen as expensive ‘high-end’ technology, advances in tool support, coupling of formal techniques with other methods such as static analysis, and technical advances in areas such as model checking have the potential to improve the cost-effectiveness of formal techniques.

This workshop brings together practitioners, researchers and developers of methods and tools from both the formal methods and safety-critical systems communities. Through invited presentations and contributed talks, it will help participants assess the state of the art in formal methods and their role in safety-critical systems development and certification.


09:00 Registration and Coffee

10:20 Introduction

10:30 Martyn Thomas (Invited speaker)
Thomas Associates, Bath
Assurance of sociotechnical systems

11:15 Mitesh Mistry and Massimo Felici
School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
Implementation of Change Management in Safety Cases

11:50 Eduardo López Ruiz, ONERA, Toulouse, Yves Ledru, Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble
and Michel Lemoine, ONERA, Toulouse

Extending the Use of Rigorous Methods within Aeronautics

12:25 Lunch

13:45 Club business

13:55 Neil Evans (Invited speaker), AWE, Aldermaston
FM: Putting it into (Systems Engineering) Practice

14:40 Tea

15:10 Rod Chapman (Invited speaker), Praxis High Integrity Systems, Bath
Experiences at Praxis with Formal Notations and Tools in a Safety Setting

15:55 Daniel Sheridan, Adelard LLP, London
Automated Proof with Caduceus: Recent Industrial Experience

16:30 Close


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To members of the Safety-Critical Systems Club, the British Computer Society, and Formal Methods Europe the cost of this one-day event is £95, including lunch, refreshments and VAT. To non-members it is £125.

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