Seminar: Safety Culture Developments

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Safety Culture Developments

Tuesday 13 April, 2021 - Zoom

This online seminar, held from 14:00-16:45 UK time (BST), will look at new developments in Safety Culture and will feature results from the SCSC SCWG Online Survey.

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Speakers include:

  • Patrick and Tim Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting - Safety Culture: What works in practice
  • Rob Saunders, Shell - People Make Mistakes: Learning from Normal Work
  • Sarah Whittaker, Defence Equipment & Support - Safety Culture: Stimulating Change
  • Michael Wright, Greenstreet Berman - Results from SCSC Safety Culture Survey

Paul Leach will introduce the speakers, facilitate individual talk Q&A, and host a panel Q&A session at the end of the day.

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Talk Abstracts

Patrick Hudson, Delft University of Technology and Tim Hudson, Hudson Global Consulting - Safety Culture: What Works in Practice

This talk looks at the practical application of the safety culture ladder model to drive culture change within organisations. The talk discusses a program undertaken in a major aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul company and addresses the real world improvements in outcomes in both safety and quality.

Rob Saunders, Shell - People Make Mistakes: Learning from Normal Work

This talk is a short story about a piece of work at one of our sites. It involves a production unit, recently responsible for two major incidents (with the consequential impact on morale and confidence) who turned things around, first for their unit, and now plantwide. It is about a team using a simple human factors tool in a team-learning context. They changed some behaviours, their language, and how they view the work and how we start it. There is a strong cultural shift visible throughout.

Sarah Whittaker, Defence Equipment & Support - Safety Culture: Stimulating Change

This talk will discuss the initiatives used in DE&S to embed and improve a strong safety culture in the organisation; including embedded values, benchmarking culture, awareness events and evolution of safety responsibilities.

Michael Wright, Greenstreet Berman - Results from SCSC Safety Culture Survey

Michael will present the results from the recent SCSC survey on safety culture. This had a very good response and some conclusions can be drawn.

Speaker Bios

Tim Hudson

Tim Hudson is a Risk and Culture expert providing Operational Risk Management consultancy services for high-hazard industries including Aviation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Conglomerated services, Power generation, Financial services, and Medicine. He provided expert services on major investigations and lawsuits including The Deepwater Horizon disaster and the MH17 Shootdown as well as large-scale studies for organisations including Shell, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Australian Gas and Light.

Patrick Hudson

Patrick Hudson is a psychologist with wide experience of safety and management in a variety of high-hazard industries. He has worked with the Oil and Gas sector, both upstream and downstream, commercial and military aviation, shipping, mining and hospital medicine. He was one of the developers of the Tripod model for Shell, together with Jim Reason and Willem Wagenaar, better known as the Swiss Cheese model. He was part of Shell's team developing the theory of SMS in response to Piper Alpha and is now involved in teaching and developing SMS concepts in Civil Aviation, primarily in Asia and Australasia. He developed the HSE Culture ladder, together with Dianne Parker and is now working on improving concepts of risk analysis in hospital medicine, transferring knowledge and experience between industries. He is emeritus professor at Delft University of Technology in The Human Factor in Safety at the Department of Safety Science.

Rob Saunders

Rob is the regional lead (EMEA) for human factors in Shell, and lives in the Hague with his wife and daughter. His role with Shell involves: (i) ensuring capital projects address human factors engineering principles, (ii) supporting operational assets in managing risks from human performance variability, and (iii) advising businesses and technical functions on issues to do with human factors and human performance.  He represents Shell on a number of human factors sub-committees: IOGP (International Oil & Gas Producers); the Energy Institute; OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine).

Sarah Whittaker

Sarah is the Culture and Systems Manager in the Acquisition Safety and Environmental Protection (ASEP) group within Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). She joined DE&S in November 2020 after working in industry for 19 years.  Her professional focus centres on the application and improvement of both safety management and environmental protection practices in the military domain.

Michael Wright

Michael has over 30 years experience in the field of Human Factors and Safety Culture in many safety critical sectors including nuclear, transport, oil and gas, chemicals, health and defence. He has developed and applied a range of safety culture assessment methods including staff questionnaire surveys, workshops, incident reviews and performance indicators to occupational, process and product safety. He has also led a series of safety culture improvement strategies and supported their implementation. Michael is the Chair of the Safety Culture Working Group, supporting an active group in helping organisations share lessons in the assessment and improvement of culture.


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