Seminar: Software Maintenance: Legacy and Archaeology

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Software Maintenance: Legacy and Archaeology

Thursday 6 May, 2021 - Zoom

This seminar considers the issue of software maintenance in a safety context: Much legacy software is not properly documented and historically poorly maintained, even though it may be performing a safety-related function. Often we are presented with a partial or incomplete picture of the design and code and yet changes have to be made. What are the best strategies to use? How much "software archaeology" must be undertaken to understand what is there and what it does? How much of the current usage must be understood for a safe change to be made? How should we test if we are not sure of all the functionality?

The speakers at this event will consider these questions and others in an attempt to devise sound methods for tackling change to legacy code.

Speakers include:

Rod Chapman, Protean Code Ltd - Modern verification meets old code...

Chris Hobbs, Blackberry QNX - But I only changed 5 lines of code!

Peter Niemann, CGI - Still improving after 20 years of maintenance

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