Seminar: Providing Confidence in Safety Judgements


Providing Confidence in Safety Judgements

Thursday 26 November, 2009 - London

Providing safety assurance relies on the exercise of judgement rather than being solely a checkbox activity. Users of Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) services need to exercise judgement in selecting an appropriate ISA. ISAs themselves need to exercise judgement both in the conduct of their work and in their technical safety assessments.

What is needed to ensure that both the assessor and their client can have confidence in their safety judgements?

The Seminar is in two parts. The first part addresses, via a set of presentations, the challenges facing both client and assessor in forming judgements in which both they and others can have confidence. It will include presentations on the 'ISA Code of Practice’ and the ‘ISA Competence Framework’ produced by the ISA Working Group as well as presentations on practical issues relating to standards and the assessment of software.

Speakers for the seminar part of the day will include:
Bev Littlewood of City University,
Stuart Nunns of ABB,
Peter Huthison of RPS,
Ray Matthews of Frazer Nash.

The second part includes a participative workshop to identify the practical training and peer review requirements for ISAs to demonstrate competency based on the ‘ISA Competence Framework’.

The Seminar is aimed at ISAs and Users of ISAs. It is relevant to all sectors which procure or use Systems requiring Safety Assurance and those who wish to provide training for ISAs.

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