SFI: Safety Futures Initiative "Get To Know You" event x2


Safety Futures Initiative "Get To Know You" event x2

Wednesday 24 November, 2021 - Zoom

Young or early career* technologists are often highly trained and very knowledgeable about engineering topics such as programming, systems development, testing, etc. However, there are limited opportunities to learn about general system safety, which requires a very particular set of skills and a specific mindset in addition to technical aptitude.

The SCSC Safety Futures Initiative aims to bring together young and early-career (YEC*) safety professionals to gain experience, share knowledge and to build a community around the specialised interest area of safety engineering and assurance.

If being part of the Safety Futures Initiative (SFI) community interests you, do come and meet us at one of our free informal "Get To Know You" events on Wednesday 24th November 2021.

* Young or early career / YEC generally means those with less than 3 years safety experience or under age 30.

For further information please contact Zoe (

Here are slides from the meeting: Download slides.



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