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Topic: Assurance Case Guidance Version 1
 P Williams 
 Posted: Aug 2nd 2021 
 Assurance Case Guidance Version 1
 R Rivett 
 Posted: Aug 5th 2021 

Section 1:5.4 Automotive could include the following guidance document published by MISRA

MISRA, Guidelines for Automotive Safety Arguments (2019)

"This guidance targets practitioners involved in the development, review approval, acceptance and maintenance of automotive Safety Cases as defined in ISO 26262 , including but not limited to the following roles:
•    Development engineers responsible for producing a Safety Case or providing information necessary for the argument or evidence
•    Safety assessors responsible for evaluating a Safety Case
•    Integration engineers responsible for integrating different Systems and their corresponding Safety Cases
•    Engineering managers responsible for funding and accepting a Safety Case."

 P Williams 
 Posted: Aug 6th 2021 

Thanks. I had meant to add this - I'd even managed to track down the link for it! Will add to the list for the next update. :)



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