SCSC - Group: Assurance cases

The Assurance Cases Working Group (ACWG) has been established to provide guidance on all aspects of assurance cases including construction, review and maintenance.

  • It is intended that this will be broader than safety and will address interaction and conflict between related topics.
  • This will address aspects such as proportionality, rationale behind the guidance, focus on risk, confidence and conformance
  • An important aspect under consideration is the role of counter argument and evidence and the treatment of potential bias in arguments

One of the working groups initial activities is to take on board the maintenance of the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) Community standard.  Issue 2 of the GSN Community Standard is available as working group publication SCSC-141B.
Users of the standard are invited to continue to provide feedback on the use of the standard, and to suggest areas for further development. Feedback can be provided via the Discussion Forum 

Please contact Phil Williams (using link on 'Groups' main page) if you are interested in the activities of this working group and would like to make an active contribution to its work, or would simply like to be kept informed of the group's activities. 

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