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Data Safety Initiative

Welcome to the Data Safety initiative working group (DSIWG) area.

This working group exists to address concerns raised about data in safety-related systems.

The 84th SCSC Data Safety Initiative Working Group meeting will be held Tuesday 21st May 2024 from 16:00-17:30 UK time by Zoom:

Please contact if you would like to attend.


Version 3.6 of the guidance was issued at SSS'24 in February 2024. Available as a PDF download.

Version 3.5 of the guidance was issued at SSS'23 in February 2023. Available on Amazon in hardcopy and as PDF download.

Dave Banham has now set up a separate SCSC Ontology working group to progress the development of the Risk Ontology Model. 

Minutes of Meetings

Meeting #83, 6th March 2024, Zoom

Meeting #82, 11th January 2024, Zoom

Meeting #81, 6th December 2023, Zoom

Meeting #80, 2nd November 2023, Zoom

Meeting #79, 20th September 2023, Zoom

Meeting #78, 26th July 2023, Zoom

Meeting #77, 22nd June 2023, Zoom

Meeting #76, 4th May 2023, CGI Reading and Zoom

Meeting #75, 21st March 2023, Zoom

Meeting #74, 24th January 2023, Zoom

Meeting #73, 19th December 2022, Bath, UK and Zoom

Meeting #72, 10th November 2022, Zoom

Meeting #71, 29th September 2022, Bath, UK and Zoom

Meeting #70, 21st July 2022, Zoom

Meeting #69, 16th June 2022, Bath, UK and Zoom

Meeting #68, 30th March 2022, Zoom

Meeting #67, 26th January 2022, Zoom

Meeting #66, 20th December 2021, Zoom

Meeting #65, 18th November 2021, Bath, UK and Zoom

Meeting #64, 6th October 2021, Zoom

Meeting #63, 18th August 2021, Zoom

Meeting #62, 30th June 2021, Zoom

Meeting #61, 18th May 2021, Zoom

Meeting #60, 7th April 2021, Zoom

Meeting #59, 23rd February 2021, Zoom

Meeting #58, 12th January 2021, Zoom

Meeting #57, 9th December 2020, Meet

Meeting #56, 11th November 2020, Meet

Meeting #55, 7th October 2020, Teams

Meeting #54, 2nd September 2020, Teams

Meeting #53, 1st July 2020, Teams

Meeting #52, 6th May 2020, Teleconference

Meeting #51, 17th March 2020, Teleconference

Meeting #50, 14th January 2020, Teleconference

Meeting #49, 26th November 2019, Teleconference

Meeting #48, 14th November 2019, London (no minutes produced, just a decision to go ahead with v3.2 of the Guidance doc)

Meeting #47, 25th September 2019, Teleconference

Meeting #46, 10th June 2019, CGI Fenchurch Street

Meeting #45, 2nd April 2019, CGI Gloucester

Meeting #44, 23rd January 2019, Teleconference

Meeting #43, 21st November 2018, Thales, London

Meeting #42, 28th September 2018, NATS, London

Meeting #41, 11th July 2018, Highways England, Birmingham

Meeting #40, 1st June 2018, NATS, London

Meeting #39, 3rd April 2018, CGI, London

Meeting #38, 10th January 2018, Teleconf

Meeting #37, 13th December 2017, Rolls-Royce

Meeting #36, 11th October 2017, Thales

Meeting #35, 11th July 2017, Rolls-Royce

Meeting #34, 7th June 2017, PA Consulting

Meeting #33, 25th April 2017, MBDA

Meeting #32, 16th March 2017, Raytheon

Meeting #31, 11th January 2017, NATS

Meeting #30, 7th December 2016, CGI

Meeting #1, 24th January 2013, Logica


Statement of the Problem

It was agreed that data in safety related systems is not currently sufficiently addressed in current safety management practices and standards. It is acknowledged that data has been a contributing factor in several incidents to date. There are clear business and societal benefits, in terms of reduced harm, reduced commercial liabilities and improved business efficiencies, in investigating and addressing outstanding challenges related to safety of data.

Agreed Vision

To have clear guidance on how data (as distinct from the software and hardware) should be managed in a safety related context, which will reflect emerging best practice.

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Associated Sites

The data safety web site contains further information, a list of accidents and information about the data safety tool RADISH.

WG Lead Bio

Mike is an experienced Safety Engineer and Safety Manager with a special interest in systems, services, software and data. He has been actively involved in safety and mission-critical systems for over 30 years, particularly in the aerospace, defence, satellite navigation, rail and health sectors. He is currently working in healthcare projects including hospital patient records and e-prescribing systems. He has led initiatives to produce safety management system definition and competency and training frameworks. He has led a safety practice team of 17 staff; he was also a safety community Leader with over 80 members. He has conducted many safety audits and produced a safety auditor training course.

Mike is currently the SCSC Director and Events Coordinator, leading the technical strategy for the club and organising events including the annual Safety-Critical Systems symposium. He is the chair of both the Data Safety Initiative and Service Assurance working groups producing new guidance for safety assurance in these areas.

He has recently presented several papers on data and services themes at industry conferences.

Mike can be contacted at

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