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SCSC Ontology Working Group (OWG)


The Ontology Working Group develops ontologies that will form the basis of SCSC guidance, as well as having wider industrial and academic applications.

The OWG is currently working on the definition of an ontology of risk for application in guidance for risk-based decision making - notably safety and security - and for which ISO 31000 Risk Management principles are to be applied.

The Data Safety Working Group (DSIWG) developed the core aspects of the Risk Ontology, which has been migrated to this working group. The Risk Ontology will form the upper ontology to the Data Safety Ontology that the DSIWG will continue to develop.


The OWG has two classes of membership:

  1. Contributing membership
  2. Interest Group membership

Contributing members are expected to actively contribute to the development of the body of work, in accordance with the group's Terms of Reference and will be provided with full access to the group's members pages.

Interest Group members will be noted of updates, events, and public reviews, but are not otherwise expected to contribute to the development work.

Requests for membership can be sent to stating which class of memberships is requested.


The OWG is currenting meeting on most Wednesdays between 1200-1300 UK local time. Contributing members are actively encouraged to engage in these meetings.

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