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SCSC Steering Group

The SCSC Steering Group (SG) exists to provide guidance to the Club's operations team on all aspects of the Club's activities and events.

The SG does not currently have a written constitution and consistent with the 'community' nature of the Club operates in an informal way to support the Club as effectively as practical.  Although the SG may make decisions regarding the operation of the Club, these should be interpreted as advice to the operations team who are responsible for their implementation. Members of the SG, or other Club members, may participate as volunteers in the implementation of Club activities but this does not indicate they are acting with any authority other than that delegated from the operations team.

The SG meets twice a year to discuss Club business.

SCSC Steering group members

SG members are currently:

Tom Anderson [Honorary]

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Robin Bloomfield [Honorary]

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Stephen Bull

Stephen is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience in development and assurance of safety critical systems in railway signalling, aviation and defence environments and is currently technical lead for the Rail team at Ebeni.

Stephen has developed safety cases for UK and international airports, and for multiple UK railway developments (including Network Rail and London Underground), taking a goal-based approach, focusing on what needs to be demonstrated, rather than rigid adherence to a particular prescription or structure. He always supports his safety cases with rigorous detailed analysis and evidence to back up the arguments made. He has a record of successful presentation to sceptical third parties (e.g. independent assessors and customer acceptance panels).

Stephen has worked on international research and development programmes in both aviation and rail industries: he produced the Consolidated New Approval Method for the EU-funded ASCOS Programme, which presented a goal-based method to streamline certification across the European aviation industry. He is also leading the assurance for the EULYNX programme, which is developing a standardised set of interfaces for railway signalling systems across Europe.

Stephen’s early career included software engineering (SPARK Ada and C), giving a valuable insight into successful safety engineering and safety management of software intensive systems.

Stephen takes an active interest in sharing with and learning from the wider safety critical systems community and has presented papers to SCSC and IET conferences. He is also a member of the SCSC Security Informed Safety working group.

Stephen can be contacted at


Dewi Daniels

Dewi is a highly experienced software engineer specialising in safety-critical software development and verification. He is currently an independent consultant working on projects ranging from personal air vehicles to submarines. He is a member of the SCSC Steering Group. He was a member of the committee that wrote DO-178C. He is currently an invited member of the RTCA/EUROCAE Forum on Aeronautical Software and a UK representative on the IEC 61508 committee.


Jane Fenn

Jane is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.  She has worked for BAE Systems for 30 years, as a Safety Engineer and an Engineering Manager, focussing predominantly on collaborative research programmes which developed new approaches and processes for safety engineering.  She was awarded an MSc in Safety Critical Systems Engineering from University of York in 2004 and has published a number of papers around safety engineering and software architectures.  She has served on the advisory board of research projects and has worked closely with Dstl and MOD over the last 20 years.  She currently provides safety consultancy within BAE Systems and acts as an independent safety representative for other BAE Systems Business Units.  Jane is an active member of the SCSC Working Groups on Assurance Cases and Security-Informed safety, as well as recently joining the Autonomous Systems Safety WG.  She is also a Diversity and Inclusion Champion.


Paul Hampton

Paul HamptonPaul is a Chartered Engineer with almost 30 years’ experience in IT. He has spent 15 of those designing and developing enterprise systems in sectors such as Energy & Utilities, Government, Criminal Justice and Health. He has been involved in Systems Safety for 11 years in a variety of capacities including: safety engineering, safety management, independent auditing and corporate governance and assurance.

Paul's most recent work involves conducting safety assessments of future satellite data links for air traffic communications and satellite based remotely piloted aircraft systems.

Paul is active in championing systems safety in the wider community and is an active member in industry working groups such as the Safety-Critical Systems Club (SCSC) developing new standards for data safety and the integration of safety and security practices. He has published a number of articles and papers and is a frequent presenter at industry symposiums.

In 2019 Paul joined the SCSC Steering Committee as the SCSC Newsletter Editor.


Louise Harney

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Stuart Harrison

Stuart has worked in safety critical industries for many years before moving into the health informatics industry and NHS. He has years of experience of implementing safety critical systems within high risk environments and with various technologies.

Over the past 15 years Stuart has helped to shape the clinical safety of unregulated health IT and regulated medical software within his role of Head of Safety Engineering at NHS Digital. Rewriting the clinical safety standards within the NHS to form a foundation element of safety for all health IT regardless of regulatory position, with the key being the impact on patient safety. These same principles are part of international safety standards currently in final stages of publication. Collaborated with the MHRA (UK regulatory body) on the UK Government Regulators Pioneer funded project aimed at 2 of the 4 Grand Challenges of:

AI and data: putting the UK at the forefront of the AI and data revolution,

And an Ageing society: harnessing the power of innovation to meet the needs of an ageing society

More recently taking a lead role to shape the future policy and regulatory environment for the safety of health software with the MHRA. Stuart is now focusing on his contribution to the industry away from the NHS through various health family connections.

Stuart’s email is:


James Inge

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Brian Jepson

Brian is a Chartered Engineer with over 35 years of experience in development and assurance of safety critical systems for defence equipment and was until recently a software safety specialist at BAE Systems. He has been involved in the development of several versions of the MoD Defence Standards for system safety and has worked at all stages of the system lifecycle. He has been involved in one way or another with all the major BAE Systems Air and Maritime systems.

Having taken early retirement in November 2018 Brian is resting before deciding his next career move and is keeping active supporting the SCSC, mainly as the website maintainer.


Nikita Johnson

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Graham Jolliffe

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Tim Kelly [Honorary]

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Alex King

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Mark Nicholson

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Mike Parsons

Mike is an experienced Safety Engineer and Safety Manager with a special interest in systems, services, software and data. He has been actively involved in safety and mission-critical systems for over 30 years, particularly in the aerospace, defence, satellite navigation, rail and health sectors. He is currently working in healthcare projects including hospital patient records and e-prescribing systems. He has led initiatives to produce safety management system definition and competency and training frameworks. He has led a safety practice team of 17 staff; he was also a safety community Leader with over 80 members. He has conducted many safety audits and produced a safety auditor training course.

Mike is currently the SCSC Director and Events Coordinator, leading the technical strategy for the club and organising events including the annual Safety-Critical Systems symposium. He is the chair of both the Data Safety Initiative and Service Assurance working groups producing new guidance for safety assurance in these areas.

He has recently presented several papers on data and services themes at industry conferences.

Mike can be contacted at


Roger Rivett

Roger worked in the automotive industry for 37 years on real-time embedded-systems fulfilling a number of different roles including Software Developer, Project Leader and Software Quality Manager. He retired from his role as Functional Safety Technical Specialist in Jaguar Land Rover in January 2019.

Roger was a founder member of MISRA and was its chair for 15 years. He was a member of ISO-TC22-SC32-WG8 from 2005 until 2018.

Roger is a visiting fellow on the University of York Assuring Autonomy International Programme, a member of the MISRA Automotive Safety Argument working group and a member of the SCSC Safety of Autonomous Systems working group.

Roger is a Chartered Engineer, and a fellow of the IET. He has an MSc in Software Engineering from Oxford University and an Engineering Doctorate from York University.

Roger can be contacted at


Phil Williams

Phil Williams is an independent system safety consultant having started his own consultancy in 2013 after 27 years with General Dynamics UK, where he held the role of Chief Safety Authority. He has supported a number of cross-industry system safety initiatives and has represented UK defence industry on the MOD’s Safety Standards Review Committee and was a core member of the Def Stan 00-56 Issue 5/6 and Def Stan 00-55 Issue 3 authoring teams.

Phil is currently a member of the SCSC Steering Group and is the chair of the Assurance Case Working Group which includes responsibility for Maintenance of the Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) standard. He is also an active member of the ADS Defence System Safety Group; the BSi GEL65/1 committee; the IEC TC65A MT61508 (developing edition 3 of IEC 61508) and is the deputy-convenor of IEC TC65A WG18 acting as the principal UK expert in the development of the functional safety standard for Defence Systems (IEC 63187).

Phil can be contacted at  

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