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 February 2020

Safety Systems

Volume 28 
Number 1 
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Call for Participation

SCSC Safety Futures Initiative (SFI)

The SFI aims to bring together young and early-career (YEC) safety professionals to gain experience, share knowledge and to build a community around the specialised interest area of safety engineering and assurance.

Young technologists are often highly trained and very knowledgeable about engineering topics such as programming, systems development, testing, etc. – however, there are very limited opportunities to learn about system safety, which requires a very particular set of skills and a particular mindset in addition to technical aptitude.

The SCSC SFI aims to build a community of like-minded individuals to share ideas, experiences and develop together. Support will be provided to understand the possibilities for a career in safety which is, perhaps, much more of a vocation than careers in other engineering disciplines.

The SCSC SFI will reinforce the idea that the work we are doing really matters, and will help YEC safety professionals to be more responsible, professionally and ethically, in their work and to wider society. In essence, the goal is to nurture the hearts and minds of the next generation of safety professionals.

The target demographic is engineers, students and safety professionals involved in safety systems with less than 3 years’ experience. If you are interested, or know of anyone who might be, please contact Nikita Johnson

SCSC Ontology Working Group (OWG)

The OWG has been working on a common language for risk management, and has developed a model – an ontology – of terms so that safety and security professionals can share ideas and concepts on risk (Formalising the Language of Risk) While initially focussed on data, the OWG is now looking for wider participation from safety and security communities to help advance this exciting area of work. Contact for further information on the group and how you can get involved.

SCSC Safety Culture Working Group (SCWG)

A new working group is being established to provide guidance on creating and maintaining an effective safety culture (SCSC Seminar Creating and Maintaining Effective Safety Culture) Please contact if you are interested in joining this group.

Data Safety Tooling (DSIWG-TSG)

The Data Safety Tooling Team is seeking support from user organisations to influence the future direction and evolution of the tool currently being prototyped to support the Data Safety Guidance (SCSC Seminar Data Safety Evolution, Data Safety Tooling), under funding from the Lloyds Register Foundation. Several levels of participation are possible, such as: workshop attendance, provision of test data/scenarios, beta testing, through to membership of the project advisory board. For further details, contact Dr Divya Atkins

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