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SCSC website text editor

 In several places the website uses a text editor to allow users to enter contributions or administrators to modify the site content.

Each instance of the editor is configurable so not all editors will have all controls and functions available.  A typical editor looks like this:

If the toolbar is not initially visible just click on the text to make it appear. Most of the controls are consistent with other editors and work as expected and should not create any problems.  A few controls or features do require further explanation.

Copy and paste text

Within an editor copy/cut and paste works as expected except that on most browsers the Paste control:

does not work because of security restrictions. (the 3rd party script cannot be allowed to see the contents of the clipboard.) To perform a Paste operation the user must use the 'Ctrl V' key combination so show that they undeniably want to paste the clipboard.

When copy and pasting text from other applications the translation of the text from that application's format into html is always difficult.  This is especially true for Microsoft Word whose exported html follows no know guidelines or standard and is a poetry of gobbledygook.  The editor does a good job of filtering imported text to remove junk whilst maintaining the formatting and layout but inevitably there will be cases where it doesn't come out quite right.

Note that the filtering will remove any layout features that are not available for manual entry in that editor. E.G. if the editor instance does not support tables (the tables control is not shown in the toolbar) then the filter will remove table formatting from the pasted text leaving the cell contents unformatted.

Copy and paste images

Images can also be copy and pasted in the editor, in this case the image is treated as an upload to the server and only done if image uploads are allowed, and the image is included in the text.  Note images imported this way will have a default filename which may overwrite other uploads.

Drag and drop text copy

It is possible to select a section of text from another application and drag it into the editor.  The editor will filter the content and insert it at the mouse pointer location.

Upload documents and images

Use the Link and Image controls to upload files to the server.  File can be uploaded directly from the Link or Image dialogues which will insert a link into the editor or insert the image into the editor.  To change any properties of the link or image select the item and use the Link or Image controls.

To add a link to an already uploaded file or image use the 'Browse Server' to locate the required file.

Drag and drop documents and images

Files from your PC may be dragged into the document.  These files will be uploaded to the server and a link placed at the mouse pointer location where it was dropped (for images the image is inserted at the pointer location).  To change any attributes of the document link or image use the Link or Image controls to open the details dialogue.

If links to documents or images are deleted from the editor the uploaded files remain on the server.  If these files are no longer required use the Link or Image controls to open the dialogue and then Browse Server to find and delete the files.

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