Symposium: SSS 2015


SSS 2015

23rd Safety-critical Systems Symposium

Tuesday 3 - Thursday 5 February, 2015 - Bristol, UK

The Safety-critical Systems Symposium (SSS'15) is now at its 23rd event. This will comprise three days of presented papers including several keynotes and invited papers.

The papers from the Symposium are now available on the Publications page.

The brochure for this event is available here.

SSS'15 takes place from 3rd-5th February 2015 in Bristol. As well as 16 submitted papers, on topics ranging from formal methods, safety cases and standards to analysis of swarm-based systems, there are 3 keynotes and 3 invited talks. Notable speakers including Nancy Leveson, Peter Ladkin and Tim Kelly. 

We also have Alan-Schuster Bruce of Inmarsat to tell us about the location determination of missing flight MH370.  

The after-dinner speaker is Les Chambers, who writes an entertaining and thought-provoking blog which contains many interesting safety observations
This year included for the first, and probably the last, time the SCSC singers. Video here -> SCSC Singers
This ad-hoc trio comprised: Felix Redmill, Peter Ladkin and Tom Anderson.


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