Seminar: Agile Development of Safety Systems


Agile Development of Safety Systems

Thursday 25 June, 2015 - London, UK

Agile Development for Safety Systems

25 June 2015, DoubleTree Hotel, Southampton Row, London

A taster video of the event is available here or watch below:


(Many thanks to Chris Hills of Phaedrus Systems Ltd for doing all the hard work to record and produce this.)

Presentations from the event are now available below:

01 - Felix Redmill (and the book on which the presentation is based)
04 - Bertrand Meyer (slides not available, but the talk is based on the book available here on Amazon)

The latest programme is now available.

Agile software development is a way of organizing the development process which emphasizes direct and frequent communication, multiple deliveries of working software increments, short iterations, active customer engagement throughout the life cycle, and change responsiveness. 

Several Agile methods are now in use for safety, e.g. Scrum (supported by practices such as Test Driven Development) and Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)/Atern, and some claim these can now be used effectively for safety-critical developments. Proponents claim they have already shown big benefits for safety systems; others are more skeptical.

The seminar will examine what Agile methods involve; how to use Agile in safety systems development; what are the difficulties and how are they overcome; what changes need to be made to Agile to use it for safety, and what changes in safety and certification processes are needed to accommodate Agile.


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