: Safety-Critical Systems - the Tools and Culture for Optimum Return on Investment (hosted by MoD)


Safety-Critical Systems - the Tools and Culture for Optimum Return on Investment (hosted by MoD)

Thursday 4 June, 2009 - Bristol

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However much we spend, we can never guarantee absolute safety. Instead, we have to achieve acceptable safety within finite budgets. Regulations and standards guide how we should develop safety-critical systems and how we can justify any claims we make about their safety. But how do we ensure a cost-effective approach?

To focus on cost-effectiveness is not to put a price on safety. On the contrary, it is to ensure that resources are not squandered, thereby compromising the level of safety that may be achieved. This leads naturally to questions about the effectiveness of the tools and processes used; this goes beyond the selection of a specific tool-set, and should include consideration of what capabilities the tools must deliver, and of the underlying science and engineering. And tools and processes are, of course, only as good as the people that use them and the culture that provides the context for their use.

Tools can – and should – be used to increase safety. Organisational culture can – and should – be promoted and oriented in the cause of safety. These activities incur costs, so we must take care that safety is delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible – otherwise we could have either spent less, or achieved a higher level of safety.

This seminar will include presentations on innovative approaches to the cost-effective development of safety-critical systems, on guidelines and processes that are appropriate in this context, on practical experience of measuring the effectiveness of particular tools and processes, and on safety culture, by leading researchers, industrialists and tools vendors.

This will also be a great day to network with some of the MOD personnel that have responsibility for safe systems.

The charge for attending this event will be £175 for those who are already members of the SCSC; non-members pay £270 and gain a year’s membership thereby.


09:00 Registration and Coffee

10:20 Introduction

10:30 Welcome by:
Steve Hyde
Head of the Systems Engineering and Integration Group, DE&S, MoD

10:40 Chris Hills
Phaedrus Systems
Debugging is Difficult: so why do it?

11:15 Mark Hadley and Tim White
A Study in Effectivenes – Direct Evidence

11:50 Franco Gasperoni
Open-DO: A Call to Action for DO-178B and other Safety-Critical Software

12:25 Lunch

13:35 Club business

13:45 Rod Chapman
Praxis High Integrity Systems
The SEI's PSP and TSP – Culture and Discipline for High-Assurance Software

14:20 Richard Scaife
The Keil Centre
Getting the Best out of People

14:55 Tea

15:20 Graeme Parkin, National Physical Laboratory
Cost-effective Development of Safety-Critical Device Software using Guidelines developed by the 61508 Association

15:55 Andy Nolan, Rolls Royce
Size isn’t Everything! Using Six Sigma Principles to optimise the Cost of Software Development

16:30 Close

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